How to use Crowdin?

In Crowdin, we collect, store, and provide translations for our 4 apps, including Waterful. All files belong to the master project – Listonic. It can be found here

The files are divided into specific apps, and further into: app strings (texts inside apps), app store assets (texts for Google Play page and App Store page) and other materials for a variety of projects related to our apps.

You can also find a folder with more urgent translations at the top.

(Examples of app folders with different files)

Once you click on a specific file, you will see the translation view. Take a look at its elements:

  1. Source text is a text for translation
  2. Context section includes an explanation and/or a screenshot
  3. Translation field is a space to enter the translation of the source text
  4. List of strings in the file
  5. Comment section – for adding the questions about any doubts.
  6. Suggestions of a translation memory and Google Translate.
  7. Filtering options. If you want to see what’s missing, choose “Untranslated first”.

(Translation view)

Don’t forget to click the “Save” button after entering the translation!