How to use Siri Shortcuts with Waterful?

Siri Shortcuts is the most convenient way to log drinks and adjust quantities, change your daily goal, and manage reminders when you can’t use your phone e.g. when you’re working out, cooking, or driving. 

What can I use Siri Shortcuts for?

  • Log water
  • Snooze alarm
  • Increase goal (high activity)
  • Increase goal (hot weather)
  • Turn off reminders
  • Turn on reminders
  • Mute reminders

You need to first add Siri shortcuts through the app to make them work. 

Add Siri Shortcuts


This option is unavailable on Android.

  1. Tap
  2. Tap
  4. Tap on a Siri shortcuts you’d like to add from the list
  5. Tap “DONE”